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Many retirees have amassed significantly more assets than their parents. This financial complexity along with the challenge of finding meaning in their retirement years poses significant challenges.

Longer life expectancies often result in retirements lasting several decades. Careful planning and coordination is critical. Most retirees do not have the benefit of a company provided pension plan. They are concerned about a predictable retirement “paycheck”.

Client Concerns

  • Cash flow and budgeting to fully understand their desired standard of living
  • Having sufficient funds for a long, rewarding retirement lifestyle
  • Consolidating and protecting assets spread over 401(k)s, IRAs, investments and real estate
  • Understanding the tax rules for tax free, tax deferred, and tax favored assets
  • Managing risk and having sufficient insurance including for long term care and medical needs

Our Services

  • Cash flow planning with worst case scenario modeling
  • Investment planning and management
  • Investment tax planning for retirement assets
  • Risk management and Insurance consulting
  • Investment tax and estate planning