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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Landmark Wealth Advisors supports the greater vision of how wealth can be used to bring more meaning and purpose to a client’s life. Through our True Wealth process, the financial consultants at Landmark Wealth Advisors help clients look at both parts of their lives—their values and their assets—and help to build a financial plan seeking to make their life’s dreams and goals a reality.

Our holistic approach to wealth management resonates with many of our clients’ stated desire for a coordination of meaning and their money. We do this through an in-depth discovery process of listening and inquiring to help clients discover their deepest and most profound goals. Clients uncover and prioritize what is most important to them, including life dreams and aspirations, concerns, goals and objectives. We then work with our clients to create a viable, flexible financial plan and investment strategy that supports their developing life plan and its financial requirements.

Comprehensive True Wealth Planning

  • Life Goals identification
  • Financial capital review
  • Cash flow management
  • Objective-driven asset allocation
  • Goal-based investment selection
  • Portfolio management
  • Goal-based benchmarking
  • Milestone monitoring
  • Risk management and insurance consulting