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We are often "In the News" at Landmark Wealth Advisors – we are extremely proud of all our accomplishments and achievements. Gary and Karen's advice and counsel have been quoted in numerous publications including The Wall St. Journal, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, Journal of Accountancy as well as the Bloomberg Business Radio’s personal finance broadcasts. Here are some of their recognitions and publications:

The Boston Globe:
"Latest student aid? Kindness from Strangers – Online loans supplement more traditional sources"

It used to be credit cards, home equity loans and retirement accounts were last resorts for parents paying for their children's college tuition. Now, tapping into home equity, raiding a 401(k), maxing out Visas and MasterCards, and - the latest craze - borrowing online from strangers, have become more attractive as private student loans have gotten increasingly difficult and more expensive to get. The article quotes Karen Busanovich as she discusses the possible risks and misconceptions students and parents can encounter as they scramble to find other options to pay tuition.
Excerpt: Financial aid analysts warn that doing things such as borrowing from 401(k)s or charging credit cards could put parents in a financial bind. "With all the uncertainty in the economy and the job market, the wrong move could cause the parent to lose their home or pay hefty fees," said Karen Busanovich, a Woburn financial planner who specializes in student loans. Busanovich said parents and students rarely explore one important alternative to private student loans - one that can ease the financial burden of college tuition. "It doesn't have to be a $40,000-a-year school," she said. "There are good schools that cost less than private”.

Board Member and Featured Speaker for
The National Tax Institute

The leader in continuing education for accounting and finance professionals (1993 – 2010). Gary Sullivan was awarded with the National Tax Institutes highest honor, The Directors Award.
Excerpt: “Mr. Sullivan’s contributions to the Institute’s curriculum development, seminar presentations and attendee services are the model for all future honorees,” stated Steven C. Fustolo, the National Tax Institute’s director. Mr. Fustolo added, “Gary’s innovative and creative approaches to tax and estate planning have greatly advanced the CPA profession – the true mission and hallmark of the National Tax Institute.”

The Boston Globe:
"Credit Crisis hits Student Borrowers- short of funds, lenders cut back"

The credit crisis is spreading to student loans. Karen Busanovich comments on the challenge students face in securing student t loans. In a side bar to the article, she explains the loans that are available to families and factors to consider when evaluating these loans.
Excerpt: "Lots of parents are very nervous about it," said Karen Busanovich, a Woburn financial planner who specializes in student loans. "Home equity has been a good source in the past. Now they're saying, I don't have the equity in my home that I once had."

AICPA Journal:
Gary M. Sullivan Awarded Lamp of Learning

The Massachusetts Society of CPA’s presented Gary with the prestigious Lamp of Learning award. The award is presented to the speaker that received the most positive response at the society’s conference.
Excerpt: “This year’s award recipient, Gary Sullivan, consistently demonstrated thorough, creative and clearly stated techniques focused on keeping CPAs well-versed and up-to-date with the latest in wealth and tax management.”

The Boston Globe: "The Best Job in America – The Financial Planning Outlook is Promising"

Gary Sullivan was interviewed to gain his perspective on the book 2000 Occupational Outlook Quarterly published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This publication identified the career choice of Financial Planner as having a bright future.
Excerpt: “I think it’s great. The amount of people out there who need our help is growing,” says Gary Sullivan, advisory board member of the Merrimack College Program for Financial Planners and President of Landmark Wealth Advisors of Woburn.